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How to Register for the ISEE

ISEE Schedule for Group Tests for 2018-2019 are available online.  Please follow the directions below.   

Applicants may take the ISEE once during every test period:

December-March              April-July             August-November

Go to the ERB website to register your applicant: ISEE Registration - Parents

Parents are required to set up an account for each applicant requiring an ISEE, with the grade to which the student is applying and whether or not they have documented accommodations.  If you wish to have your student to receive accommodations, download the form provided and send the completed information to ERB, according to the instructions.

When seeking an open test date at Main Line Educational Services and/or the local school test sites, enter the  COUNTRY: United States and STATE: Pennsylvania. 

Main Line Educational Services' available dates begin near the top of the list of dates. Schools will also be listed by their test dates.  Some dates may not available and will indicate the same by saying Registration Closed or Site Full.  


Test Preparations and Suggestions:

It is important that students be free from parental pressure when about to take any important test. The best approach is to present the test as a part of a normal school routine. Schools using tests for admission or gifted programs view testing as only one part of the process. They will also be looking at past performance, personal interviews, recommendations, etc.

Serving students since 1990.

ISEE Tests for applicants to independent schools

IQ and achievement tests for all ages

Diagnostic testing for learning disabilties and ADHD

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Overview of Testing Services

 If you have difficulty registering through the ERB/ISEE website, feel free to contact Main Line Educational Services, either by email or phone.

ISEE:  Parents must register their child online at the ISEE website for both weekend group tests at local schools and office administrations.  Instructions for arranging a non-standard administration of the ISEE can be found at ISEE Accommodations or by contacting ISEE at 800-989-3721. Please note: MLES administers the ISEE, with or without accommodations, only in individual sessions.

Contact our office to set up and appointment for intelligence tests, or diagnostic testing, for your own information or as part of the application to an independent school, by calling 610-525-8127. Additional information can be found through the MENU at the left.

If you have questions about our services, please feel free to e-mail us.

For further information, see the links on the ISEE page.

Business Manager: Tim Babbage 

Hours: SUMMER HOURS: CALL Monday through Friday, 9-2:00 PM
Scheduling Hours: Monday through Saturday (IQ ONLY), by appointment.


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