Educational Evaluations

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When an educational evaluation is required...

In cases where parents or schools believe a student is not working up to potential, or not paying attention,it may be determined that additional diagnostic tests would provide insight into why the student is not achieving. In this case, the parent and psychologist discuss the background of the child and any possible interference to achievement.

Which tests...?

A battery of tests is chosen which will best uncover the underlying problem(s). Usually a test battery consists of one or more measures of intelligence, one or more measures of general achievement, some diagnostic math and/or reading/spelling tests, measures of social, emotional, and/or behavioral development, as well as parent and teacher checklists, and any other assessment appropriate to the presenting problem. It is not unusual for a psychologist to include an assessment of ADHD, executive functions and/or neurological functions in a battery. A computer-based program, the IVA+ Plus, is helpful in diagnosing ADD and ADHD.

 Recommendations for additional assessments by vision and hearing specialists, occupational and physical therapists, and/or a psychiatrist occassionally occur.



Fees are based upon multiple factors, including the anticipated length of tests and com[lexity of the issues at hand.   We do not bill insurance companies but fees can be paid by check, cash or credit card.

How long will it take?

The testing will probably be conducted over two or more sessions, in order for the psychologist to observe the student over time. Occasionally, more than one psychologist or examiner will be involved in the assessment, as this can provide corroborating information about the student.

A conference is scheduled following the final testing appointment. During the conference, the test results are reviewed and a hypothesis is presented as to what is happening to that student. A report is then completed and mailed to the parents and/or school.